Ice report, March 18

Disclaimer: The conditions this time of year change rapidly and the report is only meant as a rough guide only. It is up to the individual to make the ultimate decision on whether they are comfortable with the conditions as they present. At the landing there is water extending out about 100 feet with ice beneath. The water is about a foot deep at this time. With the cold temperature last night it did freeze a crust on top but we did break through in one spot. Some difficulty climbing back on to the solid ice. The narrows is still good, overland is down to grass. On the lake we have mildly rough ice. This is a result of the initial melt and is the remains of the slush still on the ice that refroze. The lake didn’t have enough time to have the water drain off the ice before the temperature dropped. When the temperatures rise we will probably get a layer of slush and water till it drains to ice. There does not appear to be any major melt at the margins. (where ice meets shore) Ice seems solid to the shore. Of course in south facing areas where the shore is rock there may be some openings. Just didn’t see anything obvious yet. Our choice of vehicle for travel is now quads, there is no snow or even water for the sliders.