Ice Report March 12

Today the trail markers have been picked off the ice, with the melt, half of the markers had already fallen over. This includes the markers into Copelands bay. So far during the day the snow on the ice is soft and wet as could be expected with the + temps. The base on the packed trails on the lake is about 3 inches. Snow in the bush is thinning fairly quick. On a ride last tuesday , doing the south loop through Lac Lu the trails still had a base but rocks were starting to show through. Anything with a southern exposure is going, going, ———–. Report from the Campbell Point Rest Home indicates the shore of Bradleys bay facing south is showing that yellow wet snow along the shoreline. I did hear, when in Kenora, any rock hills with a southern exposure in the outback are melted, but can’t confirm so take it for what its worth. The road is good, hydro hill getting down to gravel, as well as sand hill. Yesterday estimated 80-85% snow with gravel otherwise. Travel down the road by snowmobile from Trappers may be getting tight by friday. Watch the increasing temps.