Ice not safe, Dec. 4

From: Clay R.

On Sunday Dec. 1 did the walk to the landing out to the middle and back to our dock.  We were getting 5-5.5 plus (5.5 + means the bit did not hit water).   Today the crew (Cliff and Clay R.) headed out and started at the entrance to the Scott lake trail with the intention of heading up the lake trail.  We travel well spaced with one towards the middle and the other along what the trail usually is.  As we headed south we were getting ice depths of 5 inches farther out and 4 inches along the usual trail route.  Getting as far as Campbell’s point we met Al and he had 3.5″ 50 feet out from his shore on the west side I was next at 200 feet with 4″ and Cliff got a 5″ at about 400 feet.    The decision was made to abort this run.  So we turned around and headed home.  We have about 6 inches of snow on the lake nicely insulating the ice and the overnight temps have not gone below -10C for the last 4-5 days.  And with the snow we are starting to get slush in places.  The forecast is for toasty cold starting Thursday and into the weekend so the crew has decided we will probably try another run beginning of next week after some good cold nights.  Just too many 4″ depths in too short a space.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware travel on the ice can be dangerous. Thickness measured in one place does not necessarily indicate weight capacity in that place or anywhere else on the ice. Travel on the ice is done at your own risk. The information on this website is given for interest only and is not meant in any way to condone travel on the ice or convey the impression of safe conditions. Be safe and enjoy the winter.