Ice May 15th

From Clay R.

North winds today have blown the pack south, the windward edge of the pack has gone nice and black and the boat wake is waving it.  about 800 feet in, the color becomes white again and I think that means a more solid area.  The pack goes shore to shore from Stearns to Millers.  We boated as far as Cindy Millers along a thin margin, and could see the ice had piled onto the shore on the west side south of Millers.  The ice along the shore appears quite rotten.  Can’t really tell if the ice blew into the narrows.  We could see the ice extending way into Bradleys bay from Millers.  The winds have been backing from NW to NE and if this continues till we get a S wind the situation should get better.  Keep an eye on the cam.