Ice Happenings

From: CLAY R
After watching the ice struggle along the shore appearing and disappearing all week depending on the wind, one cold night and we wake up to the whole of Meisner bay covered.  Talked to my eyes on the point (Al) and he reports Bradleys bay has frozen and we still have open water south of Memorial island on the west side of Marks island to the narrows.  Hard to see to Indian bay ’cause of the fog hanging over the water.  My eyes in Copelands bay (evil Clay)(I’m good Clay) reports Copelands froze over yesterday and he reports ice as far as he can see.  Point of interest,  I pumped water yesterday and was able to just fling the pipe in the air and the end punched through the ice 15 feet out.  This morning I’m able to stand on the ice by my dock.  Estimate about an inch thick.  Obviously not safe to walk on but quite a difference.  As I hear more or get reports I’ll pass it on.
A reminder, money is once again being collected by Arnolds for winter road plowing.  After many years of excellent service by Trapper Ron, he will be unable to continue the plowing for us.  So,  we have another plow for this year however like everything else the price has gone up.  The dues will remain the same for now, $50 per vehicle, but we expect that will have to rise.