Fwd: Road Report

Road Report

December 19,2022

The roads from Pelican Pouch to the Malachi parking lot are scheduled to be plowed on Wednesday December 21 st. This will be the second snow plowing of this winter. The road conditions so far this winter can only be described as TUFF due to the snow falls being preceded by rain and/or wet snow.

Attention Snowmobilers

If snowmobiling on the roads is necessary, PLEASE, travel on the right hand side close to the snow plow’s banked snow. Travelling down the center creates packing on the crown of the road and after that the snow plow cannot do a good job trying to remove the packed snow on the center. This occurred last winter and a big bucket loader was required in the spring to remove the packed crown at a huge extra cost.  Spread the word and hopefully this can be avoided this winter.