FW: Lake Dec 27

> I did a flight over Malachi today to see what’s happening. Not much. Three long term parkers at the landing and only one fresh one with a trailer. Lake looked poor, cracks and big dark spots. Only the track along the shore and
> It had slush patches in it. Not even a sleigh track from Santa. Must be real quiet this Christmas.

> Gary Smith
Just to add to Garys message, the tracks along the shore are the previously made trail along the north shore. This is now extended to the bush trail in Honeysets bay behind Cindys. We had some campers come in this afternoon, heading up the hydro lines from the south side of the narrows and following the West bush trail and coming onto the lake behind Cindys.

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  1. We usually go out by now until early January but we’re going to wait a few more weeks and keep our fingers crossed. I hope everyone out there is well stocked with groceries. We appreciate the great reports coming back.