Fire Danger From Floating Lanterns

LOWDPOA is hearing from members worried about the dangers of the ‘Flying Lantern’ fireworks available this season.  We are extremely concerned about the uncontrolled nature of the product, and the fact that they are propelled by open flame – the ‘new and improved’ model is fueled for flight as long as 20 minutes. These flying fireworks are inexpensive and sold in every corner store and large retailer in the area, posing extreme danger to the homes, cottages and forests we love.  These little fires travel long distances on the breeze from the original ignition site into our forests, on to roofs, anywhere the wind takes them.  There is nothing even the most conscientious person can do to control them, and it only takes one to start a fire.

LOWDPOA is working hard towards banning their sale and use, at minimum in our area and at best across the province.  Congratulations to Redden’s Store and Camp for voluntarily removing the Flying Lanterns for sale, and we hope they will lead other area retailers to follow suit.

Please support our efforts by sharing your concerns with your favourite retailer and asking them to pull them from the shelves. And please, do not use these fireworks yourselves as you celebrate summer.