Feb. 26th

As we approach the end of February and beginning of March, we have heard
anecdotal reports on ice thickness over the past few weeks. The
consensus has been 14-18 inches of blue ice with varying thicknesses of
white slush ice on top.
Today we set out with the auger to have a look. Straight out from our
place on a line towards Mazurs in the middle of the lake, we drilled and
measured 17 inches of blue ice with 3 inches of white on top. Moving
down to the middle of the lake S of Memorial and N of Campbells point,
we also found 17 inches of blue ice with 4 inches of white ice. Ending
the expedition 100 feet out from our dock we found 15 inches of blue ice
with 5 inches of white ice. I can’t say I’m surprised, hearing similar
stories from Lake of the Woods, and other lakes East of Kenora.