Environmental Projects

Thank you so much to everyone who signed up at the AGM to volunteer for environmental projects I have planned for this summer. The more people we have actively involved in the environment, the better the lake will be for many years to come. I am still looking for more volunteers for a number of projects listed below. Any help that can be offered is welcome. Please email me at hughes.elizabethe@gmail.com for more information on any of my plans or to sign up as a volunteer in any capacity.

  • Lake partnership program water testing

    • What area of the lake you would like to test in?

  • Lake clean up day (Possible dates July 5-6?)

    • barges to transport garbage to the landing

    • monitor garbage and scrap metal bins to make sure loads are separated properly

    • accept donations at the landing to help pay the cost of this project

    • Advertising! I need posters at the landing and at the C.A.M.P building and posts on the facebook group and information for the website. Lets make sure that no one can complain that they didn’t know this was happening!

  • Education

    • Over the next couple of years I would like to make updated information packages on a range of environmental issues (waste management, blue-green algae, light and noise pollution, natural shorelines, environmentally friendly soaps and cleaners, wildlife, invasive species, etc) to post on the website and hand out at future AGMs. This is a big project that I cannot accomplish alone. Jobs for volunteers interested in helping with this:

      • research

      • writing

      • arranging all the info into nice brochures/pamphlets

  • Environmental committee

    • As I am a busy person, I would love to put together an environmental committee to help me with planning and carrying out projects as well as coming up with new ideas.

Thank you once again to everyone who is interested in helping me in any way to make sure the lake remains an amazing place for everyone to enjoy.

See you all at the lake this summer


MCA Environment Director