December 1st

Out for a  walk today towards the station and back.  Staying along the W
shore about 100′ out we found mostly 3″ of ice, as we went around the
lighthouse point, staying about 100′ out, the ice was mostly 2.5″ and
remained the same till about 2/3 across the bay towards the station when
we found some 2″ depths of ice.  Heading back S, walked farther out on a
line from the CAMP building in line with the narrows.  This would be new
ice, and an estimated 1/3 across the main body of the N lake, when
viewed from our dock, and got a consistent 2.5″ of ice. Most holes were
drilled in nice blue clear ice.  Heather reports Bob drilled about 250′
out from their dock and got 4″ of ice in Bradley’s bay.
This is a very slow ice build this year with the warm temperatures we
are experiencing and nothing truly cold in the near future.