Dec. 8th supplemental, ICE IS NEVER “SAFE”

Seems time to say, travel at your own risk and discretion, and remember
ice can vary widely throughout the lake for what ever reason, therefore,
Ice is never safe. Carried on checking ice. Going straight out from my
dock towards E shoreline I walked about 1/3 of the way across. In blue
ice, under about 3 inches of snow, we are getting 5 inches of ice.
From the station, followed the shoreline, out about 200 feet average and
also found 5 inches of blue clear ice till I was out from Goulds.
Turned back. The E side from Campbells point N has not been explored.
Chuck arrived and Bobby and Butch joined him to check the ice into
Copelands. They found 6 inches or better into the bay parallel to the
shoreline and carried on to the S Otter trail turning onto the trail
behind the cottages and cleaned it up. Bob reports up to 9 inches of
ice 200 feet out from his dock in Bradleys, but hasn’t gone any further
as of yet. Vaughn and I have made tracks down the W trail where we
checked yesterday and have been to the landing, joining up with Bobbys
tracks along the shoreline in the S lake Be totally aware, the ice has
only been checked in the areas described.