Dec. 8

Today we walked across the lake.  The route was from our dock across to Avery's.  The first hole was at 4 1/2 then continuing across we had 95% 5 inch holes, 5% 5 1/2 inch which were closer to the east side.  Continuing S on the east side towards Campbells point, we had consistent 5 1/2 inch deep holes to Als approach.  From here, after tea, straight back to our dock, to complete the triangle, we had consistent 5 1/2 inch holes till we were getting closer to the W side where the depth of the holes dropped to 5 inches.  All holes were drilled in clear blue ice.  Lots of cracks, slush, and non-level surfaces along some cracks. + temp today and forecast for the next 2 days, hopefully we don't lose ice or the minimal snow we have