Dec. 6th

For those who remember “Lost in Space” , DANGER WILL ROBINSON,
DANGER!……the ice literally sucks, I would use stronger terms, but
don’t want to loose posting privileges.  As mentioned, the consistency
of the ice thickness varies amazingly.  we will get 4 inches, then 10
feet away 2 inches.  There is no rhyme or reason to the ice depth.  
That being said, went down to the narrows. ON THE OVERLAND WEST
TRAIL!!!!!,  At the narrows, drilled an amazing number of holes and got
inconsistent depths.  And the forecast through to Saturday is +temps.
Personally, DO NOT come across the ice, We out here are not taking the
chance.  If you feel the need to come in, the west trail is the way to
go.  But keep in mind, there is logging going on so don’t park on the 
White road.  Please, don’t try to qualify for the Darwin award.  I can’t
stress this enough……….Next ice report will be Dec.11 or 12th
depending on temperatures as forecast.