Dec. 5th

Today Bobby and E Clay checked the S lake and found 6 inches or better
to the narrows travelling along the shoreline, NO INFO ABOUT THE CENTRE
AREAS! In the N lake, Vaughn and I, (N Clay), walked to the station and
found better than 3 inches in blue ice, not quite 4, hard to estimate
some times and in frozen slush spots 4-6 inches, but these are sporadic,
again following the shore and passing the N lighthouse area, straight to
the main dock. Coming back, walked further out from shore and in blue
ice found better than 3 inches but not quite 4 inches. E Clay met with
the Otter boys at trappers on the way out, and they reported Pelican
Pouch at 6 inches to Otter lake. Looking at the temperatures tonight
into tomorrow, we will head out again Wednesday afternoon to check the W
trail on the N lake, stay tuned…………