Dec. 5

Finally a ice report.  Today we have open water reported from Campbells point extending 100 feet out towards the big island with a wet area extending another 300 feet.  The strong NW winds seem to have opened it up again and we have had about 8 inches or better of snow which is blowing and drifting out on the lake.  Both Clays have been drilling and walking about the last few days, and finding various thicknesses.  The big question is the approach to the narrows;  we are concerned  that with the pathetically slow ice formation we have had, the ice at the narrows, in the water current area, may be nebulous.  The plan is head down in that direction when the weather smartens up, sometime in the next couple of days.  We will endeavor to let you all know if and when the road gets plowed.  The whole area is at a standstill as a result of this storm, Hwy. 17 just opened after being closed for 16 hours.