Dec. 3rd

Starting with yesterday, Bobby reports 4 1/2 inches from the S side of
the narrows ski-doo path, down the shore to Melnyks after which the
thickness receded to 3 1/2 inches. In our end yesterday, on a path from
my dock to Marsden point, I got 2 1/2 inches closer to shore, gradually
increasing to 3″ with a rare 3 1/2 and one 4″ hole. At a point where I
could just see down the west shore at Marsden point about 50 feet away
from the big rock I heard cracking and found 1 1/2 inches. Aborting any
further trek S down the west shore went N towards the station, which
would put me on a line about 400 feet out and found 3-31/2 inches in
nice blue ice. Heading back to shore when lined up with my dock we were
back to 2 1/2 inches about 100 feet from shore. Today on a line from my
dock to where the beaver hotel is at the trail across the reeds which
goes behind the cottages on the W shore, I was getting 2 1/2- 3inches,
turning back after going about 1/2 way.