Dec. 3rd

The ice is very slow to form this year and the consistency is all over
the place.  Yesterday took a walk down the W shore, south, walking about
50 off shore and were finding 3.5″ of ice, and some 4″.  Interestingly
though, move out 50′ and the ice dropped to 2.5″.  At Honeyset bay,
curved into the bay and had 3.5-4″ but move out, and the ice went back
to 2.5″.  Walking straight acoss the top of Indian bay From Campbells to
diving rock there was more 4″ holes than not and at diving rock, our old
nemesis, 3.5″ seemed to be the norm.  Walking back N, went farther out
towards the middle of the lake, about maybe 50 feet from our original
trail and the ice was back to 2.5″ so abandoned that and went to the
original trail.  Today, walked straight across the lake on a line from
my dock to Tommy B.’s dock and found varying holes 3″ to 4″, nothing
consistent.  Took a line back from Tommy’s to the light house, and found
the same 3-4″ till arrival at the W side about 100 feet out from the S
point of the lighthouse and found  2 inches of ice!  Then 50 feet away,
found 4″.  
Bob walked out of Bradleys around the S side of the bay and when he
reached Robin D. area was down to 3″ of ice and went back.
We have a report out of the S lake.  Bobby and Butch came in overland,
took a walk to the landing and found 5-51/2 inches of ice walking right
along the shore line.  On the N side of the narrows, only 4 inches was
found just out from Butch’s dock.
We have some wild variations on the lake this year and an inconsistent
and slow build.  Next report, probably Wednesday, looking at the warm
temperatures forecast.