Dec. 3

The weather has been fantastic hasn't it.  However with the nice temps we don't get a lot of ice making action.  Report from the south lake received from E Clay and Bobby is not encouraging.  4 to 41/2 inches with the worst being at the landing along with lots of slush.  There are also areas with blow holes like we get in the spring, small, but there none the less.  They also reported an  area N of the landing, rounding the first point that has a "off color" and does not look good.  They avoided that area.  The N lake isn't any better.  Down the W shore, we have found 4-4 1/2 inches just off shore, with 3 1/2 inches walking around Hamptons dock.  Results like that don't bode well for the icy depths of the Diving rock area.  Going farther from shore the ice decreased to a 3 1/2 inches so didn't go any farther.  Garys pictures on the facebook section, tell the storie, thin ice with wet cracks, all over the lake.  Good news, the logging trail up the W side of the lake is "good" for quads and the White road is easily passable with the proper vehicle.  There isn't enough snow on the logging trail for a snow machine.  My opinion only.