Dec. 29

The road has been plowed and is in excellent driving condition.  On the lake we got about a foot of fresh snow and great powder.  No signs of slush, yet.  Keep an eye on the weather with the clipper system approaching.  Drive safe.

More detail:
The road was plowed on Tuesday and at this time, barring any significant snow fall, is in excellent condition. With continuing logging activity west of Malachi and the log truck activity, our road is being plowed after each snow fall.
To ensure ones safety, it is recommended that traffic come to a complete stop as the log trucks pass. Because of winter road conditions the log trucks are traveling more to the centre of the road than during the summer months and are unable to move as far to the right as during better conditions. However they are moving slowly and there is lots of time to react as they approach.
From the Peace and Solitude at the Malachi Rest Home
THE Curmudgeon