Dec. 24

INSERT DISCLAIMER HERE!!! WE STILL HAVE OPEN WATER IN THE NORTH LAKE AND ANY TRAVEL IS DANGEROUS AND AT YOUR OWN PERSONAL RISK AND DISCRETION!!! All I want for Christmas is ice. As the sun went down the fog coming off Memorial island from the open water was stunning. A line of fog extended from the island to diving rock and across the top of Indian bay. Also, it is still open at the top of Copelands bay. Bradleys bay closed last night. In the extreme north here, after extensive walking and paranoid hole drilling we have made a trail from Campbells point where Als trail comes out of his yard and hits the ice on his west side about 200 feet North of the point, there is still open water around the point, and open water just south of Memorial. The trail then follows down the east shoreline about 50 to 100 feet out from the shore, north, around the bay and up the West shore as far as Steiners. Ice thickness was mostly 6 inches with some at 5 inches with slush in some areas. NOTE: THERE IS NO TRAVEL OR TRAIL UNLESS NUMEROUS HOLES HAVE BEEN DRILLED IN THE ICE AT THIS TIME! Lets remember, in the North end here, we still had a hole towards the middle up till yesterday. Some good news, maybe, is our A team in the South lake went to the landing today along the East shore from the narrows. Evil Clay had Bobby walk 100 feet in front with a 90 foot rope tied to his waist drilling the holes. (they took turns, really….) Ice was reported at 6 inches. Once again, lots of holes and walking. No forays very far from shore. There is an ice ridge from the tiny island to the first point on the east side as you leave the landing. So, we can get to the narrows from the parking lot landing, but, North of the narrows would be a good chance of swimming. TO BE BLUNT, THE NORTH LAKE IS NOT SAFE!