Dec. 18

And still, there is open water. The strip from diving rock to Memorial is still there. It then extends on the angle to the big island. The areas as previously noted in Bradleys bay, front of Huismans and the top of Copelands are still open. The area north of the narrows is still open shore to shore. With the wind these areas have actually expanded. Early this morning, steam could be seen rising off the open areas, so the water is still losing heat. The patch in the north lake remained open today. Drilled some holes by my dock and found 4 inches, after TWO WEEKS. Did a hole at the CAMP where the trail would go up on land and the ice is just less than 3 inches. The shore line appears to be totally unpredictable, hence no one here is planning to be taking anything motorized, even along the edges, anytime soon. After the snow, total accumulation is about 6 inches on the ice.