Dec. 16th

As the picture shows we have had some ice ridging along the shore on the
W side of the N lake.  This phenomena is at numerous locations down the
W side, a lot with fresh water sitting on the ice.  Campbells point is
land locked at this time, The approach to the point is literally open
water yesterday.  He also had a shore ridge which was 2 1/2 feet high
which has since dropped to about 1 1/2 feet.  We were lucky, any water
around our place was polite enough to just avoid our approach.  The
point is, at some camps, you may not be able to access your yard.
Bob T walked out again in his area of Bradleys bay, about 400 feet out
today, and centered on the bay, and found 9 inches of ice.  When
checking across Copelands bay on Thursday he found 7-8 inches.  On
Thursday I was finding dry holes, point of bit measuring at 6 1/2 inches
and some wet holes measured at 6 inches, again finding less ice as I
moved farther out from shore.  I plan to head out to check today and
drill from Indian bay to Campbells point and see what we get.  Keep in
mind, the top 2 inches of the ice is white ice in all examples.
There is little to no snow on the ice at this time which helps with the
freezing but is not ski-doo friendly.