Dec. 16th again ICE IS NEVER “SAFE”

Drilled the ice from Indian bay to Campbells point, or specifically the
points W approach.  Able to find some blue ice and it was 6 inches
thick.  Went from the point straight to my dock and found the same.
 Interestingly, Bob T. approached the point from the Bradley Bay side
and found 8 inches,  A real strange freeze up this year.  At our dock,
we have about 2 feet of water by the dock with a meager crust.  At our
dock, the ice went down instead of peaking into a shore ridge.  Sunday
night is forecast to -16C from a daytime high of -1.  I will be looking
for ice ridges, probably Tuesday, after the ice has had a chance to
temper.  N shore and the E side of the N lake has not been drilled, only
the approximate W trail and described  as above.  Bob T has done his
place to the narrows and is satisfied.  Your results may vary, be
careful out there.