Dec. 16

As of this morning we have had about 1 1/2-2 inches of snow. The only advantage of snow is the contrast provided on the ice surface. If you view the web cam you can see a persistent open spot just left of center. If your screen is big enough, a dark band is seen stretching from diving rock to memorial island. The report from the Campbell Point retirement home is the open band also extends from Memorial island on a angle to the big island. Bradleys bay is open form Pratts west to Hutchings and across to Grosvenors. Out from Huismans we still have a big open spot. The mouth of Copelands is open from the big island to the shore. At the narrows there is open water just North of the narrows at the point of the bay across to Ransoms. I have to apologize for a lack of ice thickness reports, it is not considered safe to be walking on the ice, at my shore the ice won’t support along the rocks. Probably due to the ground still being warm. The creek is still running out of the bush under the tracks at the CAMP building. NO ONE HERE IS ON THE ICE, and on a personal note we won’t be going anywhere for Christmas unless by train. Added note, as of yesterday Falcon lake and Kenora, are wide open, Granite lake is about 50% frozen.