Yesterday went out with the drill again.  Across the top of Indian bay found dry holes, over the 5 1/2 length of the bit.  Spent some time around diving rock and drilled numerous holes close to the shore and up to 500-600 feet out.  Found 1 hole at 5 1/2 inches, able to measure, about 75 feet E of diving rock, but farther out all dry holes to the extent I walked out.  Between the rock face just N of Ransoms, across to the first point N of Butch's, dry holes.  The narrows is reaching into the N lake as per usual.  Very little snow on the ice, barely enough for the sliders.  Bobby reports the wind has blown any snow off the ice on bay at the landing.  Keep in mind on December 10th the E side of the N lake had ice at 3 1/2 inches out from Bilewitch's.  N of this area on the E side of the N lake hasn't been explored or around the N shore to the CAMP.  There has been no exploration into Bradley's bay yet. Overall, lots of cracks and minor pressure ridges, warm weather with a forecast drop in temperatures Wednesday night onward to the extent of the Environment Canada website.