Dec. 13, Ice is never safe

Went down the lake, following where the W trail would normally be, probably more towards the center perhaps, and all holes drilled came up dry, more than 5 3/4 with my spade bit and drill.  Carried on to the landing.  In the south lake, stayed to the shoreline following the E side because of obvious slushy areas that appeared overnight, according to Bobby.  To the landing officially none-the-less.  Heading for home, detoured from the top of Indian bay and checked across the lake to Campbells point.  Again any hole drilled remained dry.  Returned home straight from Campbells point to my dock.  Lets keep in mind, the ice can vary at any point on the lake and your experience may be different.  The cones are set up at the narrows crossing, along with the Christmas tree and a rather wooden snowman.  Not nearly enough snow for the regular trail markers.