Posts vs Pages

Content Management

Two basic forms of content are Posts and Pages.


Everything that appears under “REPORTS FROM THE LAKE” is a Post. Posts are created sequentially as needed. The latest Post appears at the top. Typically Posts are not deleted, they just move lower down in the list as new Posts are created. A Post can be deleted, but by letting them accumulate, they form a record over the years and can be searched. When creating a new Post, sometimes it can be a time saver to find a related Post from previous years, and copy and paste and modify into the new post. Posts don’t show up anywhere else except under “REPORTS FROM THE LAKE”. Creating Posts (more detail in a later section) can be done in two ways:

    1. The simple way is to email the post to and it magically shows up under “REPORTS FROM THE LAKE”.  This only works from specific email addresses that are enabled to do this. Currently Clay R. and Allan C. are enabled to email Posts into “REPORTS FROM THE LAKE”. The email method does not give any mechanism to edit the Post once its submitted. And aside from attaching photos, there aren’t any tools to format the look of the Post. Its meant to be a simple way to Post a simple message.
    2. Posts can also be created, edited, and deleted using the WordPress Editor. This is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of editor with a tool bar and various control buttons.



Page content is more static, and doesn’t change very often. The menu system organizes the Pages and provides a way to view them. A special page is “MCA HOME”. This page is the front landing page of the website. It is the main piece of content the viewer sees when landing at the website. Managing the content of Pages can only be done through the WordPress Editor mentioned above. Typically, with the current practice, if the MCA HOME page is to be updated, you should first use the Editor to copy the MCA HOME page and save it into a new Post so it still can be viewed under REPORTS FROM THE LAKE. Then go ahead and use the Editor to delete the content on the MCA Home page and create new content.