Cleaned the snow off the trucks…Dec. 9

From Clay R.

First of all go back and read the disclaimers.  Now,  We went to the landing today, checking the ice as we went.  We did find some test holes at 5 inches but overall the holes were 5.5 plus and dry.  As ice is a fickle medium depths can be different in different areas.  The test holes were done only along where the regular trail would be.  No markers are in place as of yet.  Also, with the amount of snow on the ice there is slush everywhere and deep.  I got home with a huge layer of ice on the machine.  It appears with the deep layer of snow the ice has been very slow to form, maybe an inch to an inch and a half since last Wednesday.   Travel with care and dress to survive.  The road should  be plowed some time this week.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware travel on the ice can be dangerous. Thickness measured in one place does not necessarily indicate weight capacity in that place or anywhere else on the ice. Travel on the ice is done at your own risk. The information on this website is given for interest only and is not meant in any way to condone travel on the ice or convey the impression of safe conditions. Be safe and enjoy the winter.