As of 0935 May 12

Talked to Natural Resources this morning.  Ken018 has not grown since yesterday and sits at 5800 Hectares, or 22.39 miles for the rest of us.  The fire is still classed as NOT UNDER CONTROL.  We are still subject to a EVACUATION ALERT,  if things change, we have to leave.

We are in an active RESTRICTED FIRE ZONE, this means;

NO FIRES OF ANY KIND! no burn barrels, no fireworks, no campfires,  We are NOT a official campground with "approved fire pits".  Back country travel not recommended, if using a quad, carry a fire extinguisher, please refer to the MNRF web site for a description of rules and fines.

The road is open,  the closure starts at Malachi trail and White road, no travel west past Malachi trail.

There are no sprinklers being installed.

Nobody has been evacuated, that we know of, due to the fire activity.

Trains are still running.

As of this morning we have received less tan a 1/4 inch of rain in the last 36 hours as per the Campbell Point Retirement Home. 

If there is a profound change, we will post, if possible.