April 9

Disclaimer: Any travel on the ice is at your own risk. Conditions are changing rapidly. These are personal observations only. The landing is starting to get interesting. Access to shore was angling tight to the north dock stub. The trail was a set of quad wheels wide with water a foot deep to the north in a rut and soft ice to the south. Down the center of the approach blow holes where observed last week and are assumed to be still there under the refreeze which is melting. Approaching the narrows on the south side a rut has formed in one of the tracks and put about a 30 degree tilt on the quad while approaching. On the north side, the open water is sneaking around towards the trail and is about 20 feet away from the trail. How good the ice is in between is speculative at best. At the station the creek isn’t flowing again yet, (was last week), so the station approach was still good as of 1245 today. This is the one I personally am watching because I haven’t been able to climb off at my place for over a week. Judging from the forecast temperatures and the conditions as noted I won’t be travelling to the landing till I use a boat.