April 8th update

Took a quad ride to check out the washed area, we have a "trench" across the road 1.5 ft wide and about a foot deep.  The edges are trimmed on one side to be made passable however water was still running.  Met the crew steaming culverts farther down and they where going to work their way to the landing.  At the landing, there is the big puddle and who knows what is under the water.  The approach to land was to approach at a sharp angle from the south.  The Narrows.  The north side has the current curling around and weak looking areas are within 10 feet of the approach to land at the trail.  The current out of the narrows has reached way out towards the point. The south side of the narrows looks plain dangerous with water and rotten looking ice within 3-5 feet of the trail.  If the need arises to risk this area, walk it first.  The shore line on the west side of the N lake is wet looking and dark and coupled with the drop in water level over the winter the ice has a slope and is full of stress cracks.  This was the last trip on the ice for myself, the risk factor is getting steep.