April 7th

We got about 3 inches of snow with the last weather system which is
turning to slush as the temperatures increase during the day. The lake
itself, today, was beautifully smooth to travel on. At the narrows, I
was surprised how far it has opened. On the N side we have open water
within about 30 feet of the trail. The N approach still has about 2
feet of snow and we were sinking about 4-6 inches. Across the narrows
is also soft as well as the S approach. The S approach probably has
over 3 feet of snow as you climb off the ice which also was getting
soft. Today, both approaches were passable but one warm day it will
soften enough to provide someone with that sudden sinking feeling and
ending up high centred. If I could predict when these conditions will
manifest, I would choose lottery numbers. Keep in mind, there aren’t
any winch points since the brush was cleared. Bobby was to the landing
and no problems encountered, although he couldn’t get back into his back
yard via the hydro lines due to the snow going soft. Still lots of deep
snow in the bush and back trails.