April 7th, ice report and road

Starting at the CAMP building, the culvert is now flowing and eroding
the ice at the approach.  At the narrows, the S approach has really
eroded as compared to the last report.  As can be seen in the picture,
there is a through hole in the ice in the centre of the approach.  This
hole is about 2 feet in diameter.  There are also smaller holes in the
same area.  The N side of the narrows has standing, muddy water on the
approach and I couldn’t see if there were any holes under the muddy
water.   At the boat launch, the water on the ice is about 6-8 inches
deep as you come off the ice and the rut has grown.  At K 14.8, we have
an active washout with the water still flowing.  Otherwise, the road is
very soft with some rather deep ruts in some areas and some minor
washes.  There appears potential for a washout in a couple of areas.  At
our place, our frozen in electric ice auger has popped up and was easy
to remove.  Our approach appears intact, but this is in the area where
we had the ice heave on the W shoreline so I don’t trust it any more.
 We have pulled the quad off the ice.