April 26th

Took a look at the narrows today and it has really started to reach out
and has curtailed use of the regular crossing. On both N and S
approaches there is a band of wet slush with nebulous ice below. I
think this was a result of the pan floating higher with all the rain and
pulling away from the shore. At the boat launch it had a band of slush
as we approached the shore. There was enough snow cover, another inch
last night, so E Clay used his Ski-doo and seeing as my approach has 5
feet of rotten ice and water, I elected to use the quad and accessed the
lake at the CAMP building. Travel down the lake was smooth and
uneventful. Looking at the forecast, and with the shoreline ice
becoming unreliable, I think today is the last day of machines on the
ice, for us anyway. Looking back on the records for the past 10 years,
I think this is the latest we have had a machine on the ice.