April 26

We have had great meltage here in the north end.  Gary S. has sent us some fantastic shots of the progress.  Us ground bound campers have launched boats and went exploring.  As can be seen on the web cam, the north end is getting pretty clean. We traveled up the east side and tight around Campbells point into Bradleys bay.  Bradleys bay is 50% open, clear water at the creek end, otherwise ice to big island. We were able to sneak up the east shore out of Bradleys along a margin which kept us very close to shore and around into Copelands bay which is still mostly ice covered. continued around Copelands and snuck up the south shore of Copelands and made it about half way up before we were stopped by lack of margin and the ice too thick to break through.  Headed back from whence we came and tried to go up the west side.  Running margin to about Rothneys but no farther.  Ice from the west side of the lake and across to the big island.  It looks great on the Cam, but there is still no access to the narrows yet.  Check tomorrow towards evening for more info.