April 25

Today witnessed the dramatic rescue of detecto-o-deer!  We played titanic with Jeffs pontoon boat and did some running around the north edge of the lake.  As can be seen from the web cam, the ice has gotten quite rotten on the leading edge of the pack.  With the strong north wind we have a huge margin along the north shore and we saw a noticeable increase in margin throughout today.  image001Also noted are numerous wet spots showing up in various places.  Jackfish bay over where the docks are stored has really opened up over the last 3 days, extending from Marsden point across in a line to just south of Fursts boat house. The bay over by the light house is now open but unfortunately not before the ice managed to move the main station docks and rip them apart at the center hinge joint of the main section.  Some reassembly required.  Anticipate a delay in the the installation of the this dock set.  We will be keeping a close eye over the next few days and will be posting a little more aggressively. FYI, the water level appears to be within 2 inches of the high water mark.  Soon me thinks…..