April 22nd

Another weekend, another Colorado low. This one suggests more rain, and
freezing rain, instead of snow. Still able to use a snowmobile on the
lake, although by noon yesterday it was getting slushy. We still have
good snow cover on the ice. Walking down to the station along the
tracks, was difficult in the wet heavy snow. Nothing has really changed
much since I posted the April 14 picture. Last report , (2 days ago),
the narrows crossing was usable with a snowmobile. There has been two
vehicles that made it to Trappers with immense difficulty, including
being tow assisted up some hills by a snowmobile. Both these vehicles
where 4×4 with proper ground grip snow tires. With the forecast of
rain we are hoping that the snow gets a good beating and at least
walking will be better. The ground is still frozen so I suspect the
runoff will destroy the edges of the ice pan at approaches. Time will
tell. Worst spring conditions we have seen in a long time. There is
some thought we may have some form of ice till the May long weekend.