April 20

Well its been a while since the last report.  We actually left the area to go to a wedding (some kicking and screaming on my part).  Maturity is so overrated…..   It seems this year is going to continue to be different. What we have right now is total coverage of rotten looking ice.  The color has that black look and there is noticeable candling. Around the edges we have some opening but nothing extreme, 2-3 feet more in some areas, but nothing too exciting.  With the big rain we had, the lake level has gone up about a foot and the resultant runoff has helped with the margin edge melt.  With the rise in level, the ice raised my dock ramp, and I had to crank it up, so there is still some strength in the ice. There are some dark spots in Bradleys Bay and in the north lake, oddly enough in the same areas where the water froze last during ice in.  Almost thought it may have been open water but closer inspection proved to be not the case.  Looking at the forecast, its beginning to look like we are heading for a May ice out.  Detect-O-Deer stands guard.