April 2

The culvert at the station started flowing yesterday, so the anticipation is the approach off the ice at the station is/will be compromised.  At the parking lot boat ramp approach, the puddle is starting straight off the hill.  Yesterday a swing to the left going onto the ice was still dryer and solid looking.  At the narrows the overland trail is muddy and rutted hence mud is being tracked onto the ice so the next sunny days will increase the approach melt in this area.  At my place, the ice has a definite slope away from the shore from the water level dropping over the winter.  Various guesses put the water level drop at up to two feet.  Al reports sizable blow hole(s) between Indian bay and Campbells point.  With the incoming weather, our quad is off the ice till after the rain/snow fall we may receive due to the possible runoff coming off the frozen shore and undermining the shoreline margin, or a change in lake level, depending on precipitation amounts.  As conditions change I will try and provide updates.  If anyone should choose to come in, not withstanding travel recommendations, be prepared to stay till ice out. Conditions can change at this time of year hourly.