April 18

And as the detect-o-dear has courageously told us the ice has moved. Front of my place I can see my snowmobile trail which aims at Jeffs has moved about 20 feet towards the shore. Reports from Cliff and Kathy indicate the ice has pulled away from the east shore about 10 feet. The bay over by Jeffs has opened, Jackfish bay north side of Marsden point is about 3/4’s open. Evil Clay can canoe all around the margin of Copelands bay. He finds this much better than trying to paddle the quad. Over in Bradleys bay the margins are good and wide with areas of open water. At a depth of two feet off Edwards dock the water temp is 43F. The ice is reported to be totally candled and down to 6 inches of thickness. Reports have the south lake 50% open between big island and the north shore. From my view the ice has gone black overall since this morning. The forecast for the next 3 days is for cooler temperatures with rain and unfortunately below freezing temps over night through to next Friday. Looking like a dear rescue sooner than later. I’ll try and do daily’s from here on in.