April 16

On the web cam you will note a pre Detecto-0-deer marker, a tripod with a flag.  X marks the spot so to speak.  Click on the web cam picture for the larger view.  Tried cleaning the lens to no avail.  Our shore line has opened up to about a foot since yesterday.  At the CAMP building access onto the ice was available, however, the ice is withdrawing from the shore and although the culvert doesn't look like it is flowing, I suspect there may be some flow under the ice.  Yesterday at the narrows, the open water on the north side is reaching out and has come around the corner to within 20 feet of the trail.  On the south side, the normal approach is two deep wet ruts with a full thickness blow hole.  Along the shore just east, the ice had pulled away about 6 inches.  The landing approach was still good.  I must stress, this was yesterday and with the +14C temps and total sunshine, this will have changed conditions.  As we approach the Easter weekend, we will strive to update.