April 14th

We have tucked the Ski-doo’s away, lake conditions are slush and water.
The ice has been draining for the last couple of days with the sun and
warm temperatures. Numerous blow holes with one reported near Memorial
being about 3 feet in diameter, I haven’t personally seen it. The
culvert at the CAMP is flowing and rotting the ice. Drove onto the ice
via the beach at the CAMP. The narrows is open into the N lake and
starting to open into the S lake. The N approach to the narrows
crossing is quite steep and the crossing itself muddy+ and starting to
rut. At the landing, the big puddle has started at the bottom of the
boat launch. It should also be noted, it looks like Duck creek is
flowing. The road is basically free of snow, and soft in some places.
There is a partial washout on the first hill just after the Dagimabrop
intersection with just under half the road on the E side washed out. We
have rain in the forecast and depending on the amount, the lake and road
conditions may change.