April 14

As can be seen from previous posts, ice fishing with an alternative ice auger is not the best idea. Our ice is changing for the “good”, meaning its going fairly fast. The margin at my dock has opened up at least 4 feet in the last 3 days or so. Farther down our shore the margin is quite a bit wider. Toward Marsden point it appears there are open holes off the point. In the bay over by the light house it is still covered. At the station landing the margin has extended out about 20 feet from the culvert exit. The culvert looks like it has quit flowing. Lots of area where the ice has gone to that black dangerous colour. This shows quite well on the cam. the line pointing at detect-o-deer is a water line that has floated and was frozen into the ice. When we had the strong winds over the past few days I had reports of the ice rising and falling like waves along the margin. Still no obvious movement otherwise. Forecast temperatures are looking good.