April 12, Ice report

On the south side of the narrows on the approach to the crossing the ruts leading up are about 6-8 inches deep full of water.  More worrying is a blow hole in the rut which grew from about 4 inches wide yesterday to 8 inches wide today and was confirmed to be full thickness, bottomless, choose your term.  The narrows is open and is creeping towards the north trail approach and is currently 20 or so feet away.  There have been reports of blow holes on the pan.  Along our shore the ice is melting away from the rocks to the point we have quit using our approach off the lake.  Nothing exciting but past experiences has shown the difference between breaking through, and not, is measured in hours not days.  At the camp building, the approach is still usable however at the far side of the tracks there is a substantial water backup waiting to come through the culvert.  Overnight we got another 3-4 inches of snow.