April 11th

In anticipation of this “Colorado low” that is forecast, we did a Kenora
trip for last minute “stuff”. The N side of the narrows has open water
within aprox 15 feet of the trail with a rotten looking leading edge.
The crossing is soft especially on the S side where Bobby reports
getting stuck today with the quad. We used the Skandic as the
conditions on the lake where good for the sliders. The road was “ok”
there are some ruts forming from water, the worst being just N of
Lepps trail which has a good possibility of being impassible, hard to
know what will be the end result. On arrival at home our approach into
the yard had deteriorated to the point where we decided to move the quad
to the back off the ice. With the possibility of the storm and the
conditions at the narrows, all bets are off.