April 11th, Ice report

To start this report, the consensus from those of us out here, is WE ARE
OFF THE ICE.  Report from the S lake.  The S side of the narrows, both
the regular approach and the alternate have through blow holes and
therefore access to the narrows from the S is finished.  The N side has
a layer of muddy water and therefore unknown if there is compromise to
the ice surface.  Bobby took an overland trip to look at the landing and
reports the usual huge puddle has formed extending quite a ways out but
could not comment on the ice integrity under the water.  Along our shore
line, there isn’t much of a margin yet, although it’s starting, and the
way the west shore ice was beat up from the heaving this winter, I would
think it’s compromised.  The pictures at the CAMP building were actually
taken yesterday.  Now we wait.  At least its nice temperatures for
servicing the boats.