April 1,

After that last post I am proving I can type after grievous injuries. I have just been to the landing and we have a slush on the ice about 1-2 inches in depth. In some areas there is some black ice where the water has finally drained. At the landing the water is back. Coming straight off the boat ramp it gets about a foot deep and “holes” where observed under the water. Unknown if this is a blow hole or uneven melting. I didn’t venture close enough to determine. Coming off the landing, stay to the right and it should be ok. The south, south dock at painted trail could be another option for lake access. The narrows continues to reach out but was able to use the crossing. There is finally some action along the margins. Be sure to look closely before you climb off the ice in your area. As we go into the weekend temperatures are dropping again and the forecast is looking interesting. I’ll be going down to the landing for about noon tomorrow so if there are any big changes I’ll post tomorrow afternoon.