Dear fellow lovers of Malachi Lake;

As our annual picnic approaches, the picnic crew is very busy organizing our biggest CAMP fundraiser!

It all begins Saturday August 3rd with our pancake breakfast from  9 – 11am, followed by activities like volleyball, races for young and old, horse shoes, with a Barbecue lunch and drinks served from 11am to 4p.

And don’t forget the fireworks off Memorial Island on Sunday evening!

Volunteers Needed:

We would like to thank the many volunteers who have stepped forward already to pitch in, however, we cannot put this event on unless we get help!

We’re always looking for volunteers and still need to fill the following positions:

– Kid’s table (two folks needed). 

It provides crafts and activities for kids in between the games and races as well as activities for children who are too young to participate in the games

– Horseshoes organizer (one or two folks). 

Competitions for both men & women.

– Folks to sell tickets (2), BBQ (4), chicken server (1) & plate prep (3) per one hour time slot. 

Starts at 11:00 am and runs to 3:00 pm. We need a total of 40 folks to fill these rolls.

If you are willing to lend a hand for an hour please contact Mark Kubanek (224-4235) or Leslie Alexander (224-3595) before the long weekend. 

Silent Auction:

Picnic expenses are covered from revenue generated by the silent auction, so we’re always looking for donations!

Items can be delivered to the C.A.M.P. on the following dates:  

Saturdays July 13, 20 & 27, 2019 between 12 – 2 pm

Thursday, August 1, 2019 between 12 – 2 pm

Nothing will be accepted after August 1st

Food Tickets:

Because we have limited change at the picnic – small bills and correct change is much appreciated. Save your big bills for the auction and the Puff Fire Hall “FILL THE BOOT”!


Just as a reminder, at CAMP during the picnic –  the docks are for loading and unloading only, no parking.And at the landing, please leave your trailers in the appropriate areas outside the vehicle parking area. Boats, trailers, and trailers attached to vehicles are taking up parking areas designated for vehicles. 

We have negotiated a trailer parking area with the MNR, so please use it. 


Your MCA Board