And it starts……..

Insert disclaimer here. This report does not in anyway shape or form indicate that the lake is safe to travel on. Travelling on any frozen surface can be dangerous and unpredictable. This is surprisingly early to be travelling on the ice. Butch came in yesterday and traveled on the south lake to his place. Late last afternoon evil Clay and Butch went to Jim Reids place by going across the lake at the narrows end towards Ransom’s then hugged the W shore. Holes were drilled and they found 6-7 inches. Today went to the narrows via the west shore and brought along Jim. We then went down the middle of the lake main trail style and did the test holes: mostly 6 inches with one at 5 inches. There are areas of glare ice where water seeped through the cracks and refroze. We do have areas of slush popping up in various different places. There are NO markers set up as of yet. Advise caution. Watch the temperatures forecast for this weekend. Be Safe.